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28-Feb-2018 17:48

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Dave was interviewed and charged with (attempting to?

) pervert the course of justice on the basis of Jennifer Courtney's evidence.

- Dave is due in court on 2nd February and things are really starting to seem a little too strange for coincidence to be an explanation.

As you may have read, Jen has now applied to the court to give her testimony by video link.

But I think we might see this backfire on her in spectacular fashion.

- Dave has been told to report to the police station today at noon with his solicitor.

We are expecting him to be arrested at that point on the basis that Jen has said that he has tried to pervert the course of justice.

On top of this it appears that the subpoenas issued by Dave on Steve Mc Phadden and Angela Bostock have mysteriously disappeared without being served and that the judge is now asking for an affidavit from Dave before issuing the new one for Steve Mc Fadden.

I really find it quite, errrr, unusual that not one of you has found the time to put ink to paper on such a juicy case. Well, that's bang out of order for a start, as Brendan is a witness for Dave in court.

When she met up with him she told him that the police had told her that they will nick her if she doesn't turn up for them in the ABH case. Then she tried to turn Brendan against Dave by bringing up the old "grass" thing.

I've no idea why they might have taken such dramatic action, except that I heard a rumour of "new evidence". - I've just got off the phone to Dave and he had some quite incredible news.

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He said that they have received advanced warning that Jen's family intend to be at the court on Monday and will heckle and harrass anyone who is there to support Dave! It's true that the police did try to nick and hold him, but our man gave as good as he got. The police argued that Jen had reported the matter of the twenty grand first, so they were arresting him for the crime.