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11-Jun-2018 03:56

I get an IM from someone asking if she could talk to me. The next thing I know, she sends me a series of naked pics I can only report as nothing less than of a spectacular nature. It just completely turned me off to even meeting him.

Right away I'm thinking this is a scam, someone attempting to hack my e-mail so I start asking her questions. This is off the topic, but maybe the fact that his profile was full of misspelled words, and every other text he sent me had a misspelled word, and also the fact that he disclosed that "fyi I need sex 3 times a day" also turned me off to meeting him. off the topic, that we didn't match at all in terms of education and income levels maybe should have been an indicator. At the time he contacted me, I just appreciated any attention from someone who I found attractive enough , regardless of how we matched.

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He may get off on the idea but we dont get turned on by a naked body of a stranger from the net, usually the way that men do.

You know what is on his mind and he is a sleaze that probably is sending out shots to various women.

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I had a women (From POF) "accidentally" text (so she says) me a picture of her naked upper body.

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