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25-Aug-2018 05:49

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“Initially, I was amazed at how unprecedented and invasive this request was,” Pate told The Blaze.

“We’re seeing outrage now because it’s the media, but this sort of thing happens to people across the country everyday.” But what would such records reveal?

“These days, a toll request gets you more than 20 years ago, or five years ago,” he said.

Government investigators, following the appropriate guidelines, are legally able to obtain such phone records.

Pate said it would be nice to see the same protection rights for news media provided to individuals and businesses as well.

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Holder also said Tuesday that he wasn’t sure how often he had approved subpoena requests for phone records of the media, but noted he took them “very seriously.” Holder, since he recused himself of the investigation to avoid a conflict of interest, said he did not sign off on the subpoena request for AP phone records.