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02-Jul-2018 08:35

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When you mix it up, your man will never know what to expect, which is perfect for keeping the spark alive in your relationship.Related: 17 Sexy Texts Guaranteed To Get You Some Action Now — the moment you've been WAITING for!Send dirty sex text messages to our red hot “Girls of Oz” babes.Live girls waiting for your dirty SMS text message now!

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Sexting Should NOT Be An Everyday Thing Part of the initial spark with your partner is the freshness and unpredictability that you get to experience at the start of your relationship as you find out about each other.These 6 dirty text messages will surely keep his attention!Sending your man dirty text messages is a great way to keep him thinking about you and sex when you are not together.[Read: 20 sexy questions to text a guy and seduce him] [Read: 20 dirty questions to text a girl and make her wet] And once you’ve mastered the art of sending sexy texts, read on.

Sending a sexy text to a sexy someone should come naturally.

Maybe there's something to be said for the good old-fashioned phone call.