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Each vertical space represents a voltage change of 0.1 (one-tenth) mv; the voltage between two of the heavy horizontal lines is 0.5 (one-half) mv.Each small square represents 0.04 (four-hundredths) of a second: the time interval between the heavy lines is 0.2 (two-tenths) seconds in duration.If the duration is increased, it is an indication of bundle branch block, a condition in which the ventricles are stimulated in a delayed, abnormal manner. The ST segment represents the period between the completion of depolarization and the beginning of repolarization of the ventricular musculature.The ST segment may be elevated or depressed by either ischemia or infarction. The T wave represents the normal repolarization of ventricular myocardium that occurs after ventricular contraction.

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A progressive wave of stimulation (depolarization) passes through the heart causing contraction of the myocardium.

This total QRS complex represents the electrical activity of ventricular contraction. There is a pause after the QRS complex, then a T wave appears.

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