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I went to see her backstage, along with many of my students, and invited her then to come back to Interlochen to give a class. It looked like a really fun piece and not knowing much of the solo rep, I brought it in to my teacher.

It was very soon after that I heard of her illness—a form of lung cancer induced by youthful exposure to asbestos—and then of her death in December of 2006. He took one look at it and handed me a Quartetto Gelato CD and told me to listen to the Pasculli variations. I admired everything about the group; their fame, success, sound. CM: Music has always been as much of a hobby for me as it has been my career.

Many people wondered who the oboist could be who would ever take her place. There is a contact form online or you can e-mail me no problem! The CD (Advice from a Misguided Man ) is available as a digital download through i Tunes and cdbaby. So after about five seconds of listening to the track, I knew this had to be the piece for my recital. Everything that I believed in as a musician was all there. It’s an amazing vehicle to show off the many facets of classical music. I must admit that at first I was very intimidated to follow in Cynthia’s footsteps and share the stage with these incredible musicians. Playing has always been fun, and learning and exploring all aspects of music has always been fun.

Young Colin Maier, studying with David Sussman of the Calgary Philharmonic, and working as a dancer, actor, athlete, proved to be that oboist. If you want a physical copy, it is available through me personally. So from then on, QG has always remained a benchmark for me in pursuing my own career. I was totally caught off guard to receive the call from Peter De Sotto asking me to be part of the group. But the guys were so inviting and made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I enjoy leaning the theory, the genres, styles, and also the instruments.

It was so similar to the oboe that I learned how to play it in about 20 minutes, and by the following week I was playing lead alto in the school jazz band.

Now granted, we had a very small school so there wasn’t much competition for chairs and I was able to take the opportunity.

He wanted me to be a brain surgeon and then tried to bargain me down to a doctor. But throughout all the training, career building, high and low times, mental breakdowns…my parents have always supported me and been my biggest cheerleaders, always, at every show and concert and every milestone. My wife Sonya of 16 years and my nine-year old son Xavier have always been 100-percent supportive too.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing family support system.

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But I remember being in grade 11, and trying out my friend’s alto sax during band class.DS: In one of the pieces on your album you play oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, alto saxophone, guitar, violin, and double bass, not to mention penny whistle. How does one acquire facility on so many entirely different instruments? It had always been my dream to be my own orchestra accompaniment. There were many hours of practicing beforehand on all the instruments of course.But it took about 11-12 hours of recording, close to seven hours of mixing, and it took about 25 tracks.And because of my years on the violin and oboe, the learning curve on the other winds and strings was that much faster with every new instrument.

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So by the time I was 21, I knew how to play a dozen instruments (not all great mind you), but I always seemed to get opportunities to play these instruments.

I would actually hide behind a dumpster after school so I would hopefully be late for my lessons.