Apple tv playlist not updating

28-May-2018 21:51

If you want it to, Apple Music will upload these tracks to the cloud as well, and you'll be able to listen to them on other devices too, but with one caveat: Apple Music places DRM on any of these tracks that you download to other devices, which means that if you end your Apple Music subcription, you won't be able to listen to them any more.(The original music files won't be affected, of course, unless you deleted them.) Apple's other track-matching service, i Tunes Match, does a better job of uploading and storing non-recognised tracks, because it doesn't add DRM.

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Some people subscribe to both i Tunes Match and Apple Music, but many will just use Apple Music - and since they won't be able to use i Tunes Match's superior track-matching, these users will probably want to find a way to combine Apple Music's tracks with their own songs, stored on an i Phone or Mac.

service, and even more frustrating is that Apple itself has no remedy or general awareness of i Tunes Match.

After trying numerous things, including turning i Tunes Match off, then on multiple times, deleting all my music and playlists from i Cloud, and starting from scratch, I finally decided to call Apple.

After checking Twitter, it seemed the issue was a bit more widespread, and word got to We’re getting pelted by messages today from readers using i Tunes Match, Apple’s music locker service, who either can no longer find, or no longer sync their playlists from, to, or with i Cloud.

Apple’s System Status isn’t currently reporting any problems, which in and of itself seems problematic, given the sudden influx of complaints.

i Tunes Match is a yearly subscription (£21.99) that also matches your music to the i Tunes Store.