Caucasians surgar daddy community dating 2016

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That’s right, being a sugar baby is a JOB and it’s not an easy one. When you’re a sugar baby, there’s a whole relationship involved.One of my friends just told me about having to wipe her sugar daddy's ass because she gets a k monthly allowance from him and felt obligated. You’re getting paid for your companionship, as well as your blowjob skills. Some of my girlfriends get taken care of by totally decent looking dudes. So how did I not know about a sugar daddy convention taking place in my own backyard?I helped him set up an account and sent him on his way. I met a brunette woman who worked as a Lyft driver. She reminded me of Renee Zellweger’s character in that scene from "Bridget Jones's Diary" where she went to a party dressed as a “sexy” bunny. Ladies, you don’t have to have model looks to be a successful sugar baby.She was in her early 40s and wore red satin gloves she bought at Party City. The other day my friend showed me a pic of a music celebrity's latest sugar baby.It was going to be a long night and vodka was definitely going to be my wingman.Two shots later...three if you count the one I accidentally flung across the bar while trying to point out the chocolate fountain to the middle-aged blonde woman I met in the bathroom after asking me to help her adjust her Spanx.I have friends who have been gifted thousands of dollars worth of shoes, purses, clothes, jewelry, cars and condos from the men they are dating.

Other than the masks, it sounded no different than any other party in Hollywood.

The best places are upscale hotels in Beverly Hills.

The Beverly Hills Hotel and The Four Seasons are PRIME sugar daddy hunting grounds.

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He told me he worked in finance and he prefers brunettes over “insecure blondes.” His ex-wife was a blonde, he said.