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Interactions News Wire #36-15: 17 August 2015 Source: FNAL Content: Press Release Date Issued: 17 August 2015 ******************************************* Scientists on the Dark Energy Survey, using one of the world's most powerful digital cameras, have discovered eight more faint celestial objects hovering near our Milky Way galaxy.

Signs indicate that they - like the objects found by the same team earlier this year - are likely dwarf satellite galaxies, the smallest and closest known form of galaxies.

Further analysis will confirm whether these new objects are indeed dwarf satellite galaxies, and whether signs of dark matter can be detected from them.

The 17 dwarf satellite galaxy candidates were discovered in the first two years of data collected by the Dark Energy Survey, a five-year effort to photograph a portion of the southern sky in unprecedented detail.

However, some of the DES images also contain stars in dwarf galaxies much closer to the Milky Way.

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Either we are seeing these types of systems for the first time, or there is something we don't understand about how these satellite galaxies are distributed in the sky." Since dwarf galaxies are thought to be made mostly of dark matter, with very few stars, they are excellent targets to explore the properties of dark matter.

Most of the newly discovered objects are in the southern half of the DES survey area, in close proximity to the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Small Magellanic Cloud.

These are the two largest satellite galaxies associated with the Milky Way, about 158,000 light years and 208,000 light years away, respectively.

Dwarf satellite galaxies, therefore, are considered key to understanding dark matter and the process by which larger galaxies form.

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The main goal of the Dark Energy Survey (DES), as its name suggests, is to better understand the nature of dark energy, the mysterious stuff that makes up about 70 percent of the matter and energy in the universe.

Scientists believe that dark energy is the key to understanding why the expansion of the universe is speeding up.

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