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Classmates at U of A included Nicole Richie and Luke Walton.

Like a number of other Hollywood socialites, Kourtney is famous primarily for being famous. Speiden left his Wall Street banking job in 1932 and moved to Arizona for his health.

Simple: The Chao hounds at the Labor Department suggest that employers CUT WAGES so that, added to the new "overtime" pay, the employees won't actually take home a dime more.

I can hear the moaners and bleeding hearts saying this sounds like the Labor Department is telling Big Business how to evade the law. Right there on page 15,576 of the Federal Register it says, "Affected employers would have four choices concerning potential payroll costs: (4) converting salaried employees' basis of pay to an hourly rate that result in virtually no changes to the total compensation paid those workers." And in case some employer is dense as a president and doesn't get the hint, Comrade Chao repeats, "The fourth choice above results in virtually no (or only a minimal) increase in labor costs." For decades the courts have thrown the book at cheapskate bosses who chisel workers out of legal overtime by cutting base pay this way but now they'll have a new defense: Bush made me do it.

But then, there likely will not be any cases against employers anyway since Chao herself is supposedly the labor cop whose job it is to stop paycheck theft. Her resume reads, "Married to Republican Senator Mitch Mc Connell of Kentucky." I called her press office to ask if she qualifies for overtime, but they'd left the office early. Word from the White House is he'll be golfing on the Labor Day weekend.

Under Chao's rules he need not worry if he wants to replay that hole.

The late Robert Kardashian, a member of an upper class LA family, was best known as one of the "dream team" attorneys for O. Prior to the circus, he created "Channel Chuckles" which was carried in papers across the nation from 1954 until 1977. In the spring and summer of 1936, JFK and his brother older brother, Joseph P. In addition to cattle, the ranch became known for graciously entertaining guests such as author Thornton Wilder. Six days before his 18th birthday, Killabrew became the youngest player in the majors at the time when made his debut appearance on the diamond for the Washington Senators.

In the pre-September 11 days, we used to call that, "lying." Nevertheless, workers getting their pay snipped shouldn't complain, because they will all be receiving promotions.

These employees will be re-classified as managers exempt from the law.

- ) Entrepreneur, socialite, model, and reality television personality.

Kourtney graduated from the University of Arizona earning a degree in Theatre Arts with a minor in Spanish."Last week we captured bin Laden's cook and chauffeur. "Yeah, just down there," said a passerby emerging from beneath a brick archway that led to a narrow fire lane forking off from the desolate courtyard.

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