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Take a roadtrip and have her er.....service you while you're driving. lol Of course there is the car, but I don't consider that adventurous. Most daring was giving my highschool boyfriend head while in the church van driving home from a youth ski trip.

Do it in the daytime so truckers and tall SUVs can tell what's going on. On a playground I'm sure there's a lot more, but those are the ones that stand out. My (now ex) husband and I used to go to the baseball field... We also did it in the ocean with everyone around, but that ended badly when his mom popped up in. I used to have sex all the time in the pool at our house (when I was with a previous GF) there was another house up on a hill close by.

just say sex on the new york subways are a turn on,,getting head when driving gets a lil touch and go.just to think Bending my lil miss over the picnik table in the rest stop ways a joy (damn I miss her) but you would be surprised how many are into this fun of might get caught.even watched, theres clubs out there for that (dont ask)I was at an outdoor concert when I ran into a girl I had a FWB thing going. It was a warm summer night and she was wearing shorts and a tank top and holding a jacket.

The place was really crowded, pretty much shoulder to shoulder and we were all standing up.

Book a room on a high floor of an exclusive hotel, like the Peachtree Westin in ATL.

Press her doggie style against the plate glass (it's safe; there is a protective rail outside), or have her do a provocative dance for you...the city...downtown hotels are surrounded by office buildings and you never know who might see.3. Get a dark booth in the corner and "make" her use a small vib or eggs on herself, until her lower lip start quivering.4. If you're really brave...a few strangers over to watch her writhing, but obviously use some common sense and be safe.5.

and she says I want to make it, well I'm not making whoopie in a Baracuda NO WAY, it's a classic.

so we go out on the beach I was living in Illinois and the mosquitoes are terrible, I mean bad.

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and she moves in, and I push her away, my head was messed up but she unzipps me and starts, worst BJ I ever had mind you, what a joke.

And oh my gosh this girl was like aphrodities had to be E-cup and firm, then she say's ok I have to change can you drive me to work, she can see I'm rocked and she starts giggling at me.