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(See the question "Do I have a right to get a copy of the police report?") Also, you will see there is space on the form attached to the statement of offence that you can use to explain the reasons you are pleading not guilty.To learn more, visit the website of the Bureau des infractions et amendes. Because it will help you identify the facts or witnesses that support your case.You can also contact the courthouse, the Municipal Court or the prosecutor's office for information about the rules to follow in your area. It will also allow you to see if certain witnesses contradict themselves or each other.You will later receive a court notice asking you to appear in court on a particular date and at a specific time. You should know that if you are found guilty, costs will be added to the fine.The date, time, and place of the hearing are mentioned in the notice of hearing you will receive.In fact, this information will often be used against you and rarely has the hoped-for result (for example, having the fine cancelled).

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First, you can write the following sentence on the reply form attached to the statement of offence: "I request disclosure of the evidence".He must also tell you about any object or other evidence he has regarding your case.

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