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I only had Rs 2,000 in cash which he quickly put away in his pocket and after doing so he said shamelessly, Now this is where the scary bit starts…

The other Elite Force guy opened the back door of the still car and grabbed my friend’s arm and pushed her into his vehicle.

7- Gun Smoke: This one is unique the moment you step in, with its environment and the setup, its menu is unique as it is influenced by the cow-boy style, the menu boasts of steaks and barbeque sauces and a unique setup. 8- Café Zouk The thing that’s special about it is its chicken and its side menu that supplements it, having mixed reviews but it definitely is worth a visit if you are new to town and want to experience something new.

All of the cafes are worth going for everyone because of the environment and their image, there are a lot of cafes that could come to the list but it is a list for someone who wishes to visit the famous cafes and the variety of food and beverages that they offer.

Worth a visit for the food and the menu itself 3- Buttler’s Chocolate Café: Boasting a vast variety in their menu and to supplement that one of the most exotic locations in comparison to the other cafes.

A little expensive some people argue but it lives up to its worth most of the time.

They promised me that they would take severe action against them, and so I did.

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He took her in the ‘official Islamabad Police’ vehicle on Main Margalla Road where he kissed her and groped her for a good five minutes.Anyway, I dropped the girl home in a state that I don’t want to describe here.After that I spun my car towards the Kohsar Police Station in F-7.I am Ekasha Najam, recently graduated from a renowned university of Pakistan (Forman Christian University) as a Software Engineer.

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I have been involved in many social activities, event management and freelancing work. Reading and writing always been an epic part of my life.He threatened her and said that he would tell her parents and then lock her up if she tried to escape. She started howling and begged me to drop her home.

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