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09-May-2018 01:29

Now look, women are people too you […] By Lisa Sinclair There she is. You’d love to talk to her, to get to know her, to see if she’s interested in you.The problem is that you’re sure you’ll mess it up, say the wrong thing, say something offensive or just be plain old boring.Even if you have a smooth line and a good approach, you’re probably facing rejection.Keep this in mind when you are trying to make your approach. The dating scene is a dangerous world and more than one good man has been crushed by it.Otherwise, you run the risk of the single gal that you have been eyeing falling for the buddy you asked to accompany you as backup.Being in a group is a safety net and can make everyone feel more relaxed because they are in a familiar setting.You have to let them know that you really are more than just a cruiser and a player, you’re the real deal. And you don’t know how to change the situation because you have no idea what you’re doing wrong.

But the reality is that for us ordinary guys, it isn’t as easy.

You want to impress her just enough to get her interested, and then let the power of attraction do the rest. You may well find that you can attract more women then you thought possible using this little trick.

Women are just as interested in meeting guys as we are in meeting them; it’s just all about the details.

If you judge the woman you’re interested in to be of this type then try baiting the hook and then leaning back to wait for a bite.

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Once you’ve made her smile, made her laugh and made the sort of eye contact that leaves no doubt in her mind that you are very interested, walk away and talk to someone else.

If you are nervous about approaching a woman by yourself, then get a friend to accompany you.

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