Eun hye dating 2016

01-Jul-2018 17:02

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Anyway, it's you both so I will still recommend and support it no matter what!! Great that you got paired up w/ my forever idol YEHye, hoping though she'll be present till the end even if she dies.. time to come back PSHoo, past is you no mater what lols... Your private life is private as far as I am concerned. This couple will be an explosive combination in this film. I want to send many kisses and I want to decide forma you HAPINESS, LOVE AND WORK. Good luck and hope that this team will garner awards!! You're one of the greatest & impressive actor I've watched. My vote for you is : NOT GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN This could be so awsome. Happy that you got paired up w/ my forever idol YEHye.. Hoping than Eun Hye will be present till the end Even if she died. When one finger pointing out, there's always three pointing back at us. She is my favorite actress since Goong Princess hours. she shld be present till the end even if she dies... I've seen Park Si Hoo in MY Princess & he's got paired up w/ my IDOL YEH. So please check three times on ourselves before passing the sentence on others. I like a girl who is plump and small.” But he seemed to be giving plausible reasons to avoid observation from their relationship.

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In March, 2016, she won the Global Best Actress in the Chinese Entertainment Award in Macao, Hong Kong.

Though I love to watch this drama, the plot left me DEPRESSED ALREADY! So maybe, I'll pass even though my two favorite actors are on it. I'm happy that you're finally back Park Shi Hoo and to my amazement, you even got paired up w/ my 1st fave Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye!!! I've watched you in The Princess' Man and well hell, you left an impression to die for. I'm a bit concerned w/ the plot of this movie though.. time to come back PSHoo, past is past, we love you no matter what lols.. Imma go check some of his works, right about now... no matter what happen I will be by your side supporting and loving you...

kind off a bit off from everybody's perfect-kind-of-drama. Can someone tell me where can I watch their movie with eng sub? you're one of the best leads that I've ever watched. Does this mean that we only get to see YEH for a short time since her character dies? I like Park si hoo, I have seen three times QUEEN OF REVERSEALS, you are a great actor, go ahead dejar PSH, you have many fans in all the world, forma example I am greeting you from Guayaqui- Ecuador. keep up the good work oppa and don't mind what other's say's bad to you... what important is that you became an inspiration to many people who believes in you...

#wemiss Yoon Eun Hye The story kinda depressing but I like it and I'm curious on who will gonna portray the role of Sung Joon's (Shi Hoo) first love in this movie bcuz I kinda guessing now who was she..... he's been through so much, and i hope that the entertainment industry will treat him better and give him more roles after this.

I don't wanna, spoil you guys x D Okay, this drama looks promising BUT everybody LOVES a LOVE STORY! Is time to give him a chance as an actor and stop looking at his personal life. I would want my child/brother/sister/friend to be given a second chance to proof him/herself a better person Park Shi-Hoo, let the past remains where it should be, in the past.

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