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24-May-2018 02:20

A turnstile, used to control access to subways and amusement park rides, is a gate with three rotating arms at waist height, one across the entryway.

Initially the arms are locked, blocking the entry, preventing patrons from passing through.

In the unlocked state, putting additional coins in has no effect; that is, giving additional coin inputs does not change the state.

However, a customer pushing through the arms, giving a push input, shifts the state back to Locked.

The operating system is itself a state and each application that runs begins with some initial state that may change as it begins to handle input.

Thus, at any moment in time, a computer system can be seen as a very complex set of states and each program in it as a state machine.

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There are two possible inputs that affect its state: putting a coin in the slot (coin) and pushing the arm (push).(An infinite state machine can be conceived but is not practical.) A finite state machine can be used both as a development tool for approaching and solving problems and as a formal way of describing the solution for later developers and system maintainers.There are a number of ways to show state machines, from simple tables through graphically animated illustrations.The finite state machine has less computational power than some other models of computation such as the Turing machine.

The computational power distinction means there are computational tasks that a Turing machine can do but a FSM cannot.

This is because a FSM's memory is limited by the number of states it has.