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Han-gyeol is the grandson of chairwoman Bang (actress Kim Young-ok) of Dongin Foods, a company that has a thriving coffee b usiness.Han-gyeol is a smart young man but he is fiercely independent and abhors the thought of being tied down by one career in his life.Eun-chan (actress Yoon Eun-hye) supports her family by working two jobs; as Taekwondo instructor and food delivering girl.While making a delivery, she meets Han-gyeol (actor Gong Yoo).In the crowded subway, Eun-chan and Han-gyeol try hard to keep their distance from each other but...Han-gyeol starts to develop mixed feelings for Eun-chan...He waits for Eun-sae to finish her bath at a bathhouse but is shocked when he sees Eun-sae leave the bathhouse together with Eun-chan. They decide to go on a trip together to the mountains but change their plans and head to Mr. While reading a book along a road, Han-gyeol makes a big mistake...Eun-chan (actress Yoon Eun-hye) is invited by Han-sung (actor Lee Sun-gyun) to attend Yoo-joo’s (actress Chae Jung-ahn) art exhibit.

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When she proposes that they resume their relationship, Han-sung rejects the idea and leaves her.By coincidence, Han-gyeol (actor Gong Yoo) sees Eun-chan while passing by in a cab and he gets off to help her.

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