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I like to feel that any new truth I see is not from some new revelation but merely from new insight into the old.

We come to the Foreword a "preparation for what you are about to read" which tells us, "your point of view [is] to be taken on a ride!

On the other side he looks in awe at marriage, he respects it, and he leaves God's institution alone, doesn't try to modify it.

The only problem is they are connected, the front and back covers are of a piece, and dating is what prepares one for marriage and helps in the selection process. Bidding dating is but a contraction of an earlier preferred "God be with ye." Former editor-in-chief of Random House Dictionaries, Stuart Flexner, tells us, "Slang is as old as English itself ...

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It is because 'in our own society, different segments of the population act out different psychosexual dramas' that Joshua Harris will be following one script and the "world" another.

Which script other I bumped into a friend outside a store at the shopping mall and told him of a chair I'd purchased at a different store.

He wondered how much I paid, so I took a step forward and whispered it to him.

Desire, privacy, opportunity, and propinquity with an attractive member of the opposite sex are not, in themselves, enough; in ordinary circumstances, nothing sexual will occur unless one or both actors organize these elements into an appropriate script. A belief in the sociocultural dominance of sexual behavior finds support in cross-cultural research as well as in data restricted to the United States.

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Psychosexual development is universal—but it takes many forms and tempos.

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