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01-Mar-2018 20:24

As of press time, major content providers such as Hulu, CBS, and ABC are all blocking Google TV devices from streaming-video content.Google TV's omnipresent search bar is an excellent way to find content across so many different online video sources, but it currently doesn't search titles available through Netflix, arguably the most important.Logitech needs to fix it or release the source and let us developers take it from here.

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Logitech should make this app mimic the physical remote with added features and a quicker refresh rate. This app still works flawlessly with my logitech revue, it even controls my tv!

It's more convenient to have functions like "Info" on 1 button rather than pressing 2 keys on the keyboard.

Just upgraded my i Pad to 7.1.2 - now this app no longer works.

REQUIREMENTS- updated Logitech Revue with Google TV- Wireless network First, I would like to say the harmony ultimate remote is supposed to be the best of the best but it's still pretty bad.

I checked the app hoping it was going to be better because apple touch screen is great and the touch screen on the actual remote is as basic as it gets, but this app is poorly designed and updates should be done.It's thin and light, so it doesn't feel like a huge imposition in a living-room environment.