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The illustration of books was functional as well as decorative.Illuminated initials and painted miniatures marked the beginnings of important sections in the text and allowed readers to navigate the book.In this way, illuminated manuscripts are different from other types of media in that they provided spaces for readers to record their reactions to image and the year of our Lord one thousand two hundred and fifteen (or, 1215 AD) Top of page Numbers were expressed in Roman numerals throughout the period covered by this tutorial.Because of this and other accidents of history, not all texts survived the Middle Ages.Books were essential to the practice of Christianity. Augustine of Canterbury, brought books with them as they traveled from place to place preaching and establishing new churches.

Manuscripts that survive from the European Middle Ages are generally religious books that reflect the canon, doctrine and practices of Christianity, though there are Jewish and Muslim books and other types of books that survive from this time period as well. codices), meaning a book made of pages bound between two boards.

Some monks traveled to distant monasteries to view and copy books to bring back to their own monastery's library.

Fires destroyed many medieval libraries and the books they housed.

The romance of Medieval Courtly Love practised during the Medieval times of the Middle Ages was combined with the Code of Chivalry and the art of Chivalry.

There were strict rules of courtly love and the art of Medieval Courtly Love was practised by the members of the courts across Europe during the Medieval times and era.There were rules which governed Medieval Courtly Love but sometimes the parties, who started their relationship with such elements of Medieval Courtly Love, would become deeply involved.