Menopause and dating

03-Sep-2018 15:41

Lead author Professor Gita Mishra, of the University of Queensland, said: ‘If the findings from our study were incorporated into clinical guidelines for advising childless women from around the age of 35 who had their first period aged 11 or younger, clinicians could gain valuable time to prepare these women for the possibility of ...early menopause.‘In addition, they could consider early strategies for preventing and detecting chronic conditions that are linked to earlier menopause, such as heart disease.’The average age of first-time mothers in England and Wales is 28.6, according to the latest figures from 2014, up from 23.5 in 1970.Last night experts called for women who have had no children by the age of 35 to be warned of the chance of an early menopause – and for their doctors to put ‘early preventative strategies and clinical surveillance’ in place to reduce their risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions.The menopause, which occurs on average at the age of 51, happens when the body stops naturally producing oestrogen and other sex hormones.But during her honeymoon in Tanzania, she started suffering from hot flushes, which she put down to the hot weather.Once back in the UK, her symptoms failed to subside so she went to see her doctor thinking she may be pregnant. but it’s really hard knowing that you can’t be a mum.‘I had an element of hope all the way through thinking they must have got it wrong ...

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The researchers, from University College London and the University of Queensland, found women who had never been pregnant were 2.26 times as likely to hit the menopause before the age of 40 as women who had given birth to two children.Here are potential problems to be aware of in unspayed female dogs.

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