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Update Panel Animation Extender is an extender that allows you to play animations both while an Update Panel is updating and after its update is finished.

The animations to be played are declaratively specified by using XML.

To retrieve the original event, you could invoke Forward Origin() You can also use a component Path within your ZUML pages to specify a target component to which you would like to forward a specific event.

This is especially useful if you want to forward events across different Id Space such as forwarding event from a component in an included ZUML page to the main page component.

It is the application's job to forward an event to another component if necessary.

For example, you might have a menu item and a button to trigger the same action, say, opening a dialog, and then it is more convenient to have a single listener to open the dialog, and register the listener to the main window rather than register to both the menu item and button.

For example Then, the application-specific data can be retrieved by use of Forward Data().

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As we discussed in the previous tutorial, when a row is edited in the Grid View the Edit button is replaced by Update and Cancel buttons and the Bound Fields turn into Text Boxes. Cancel = True End If End Sub collection as well as how to cancel the updating process altogether.One has it's Command Name = "Update" and the other "Cancel".My problem lies in that the click on the Update Image Button posts back, but neither the Row Command nor Row Updating events get triggered.I am using a Template Field to display my Edit, Update and Cancel 'buttons' in the first column of the Grid View within respective Item Template and Edit Item Template fields.

Within the Item Template I have an Image Buttong with a Command Name of "Edit".After the end user updates the data and clicks Update, the following steps are performed on postback: event fires; an event handler for this event can examine additional information about the update operation just performed. These concepts carry over to the Details View and Form View controls and also apply to inserting and deleting.

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