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Oftentimes, the overarching business goals don’t necessarily include the smaller team or individual goals that make up the larger organization.

At a high level, by interviewing the different stakeholders we can learn how each group uses the system and then bring our findings together and align their goals with the larger business goals at hand.

As a business grows and the needs of employees and customers change, it is important to understand that the organization’s internal system is not a one-time project that can be checked off the to-do list after launch.

As growth happens and time passes, the system needs to be tended to regularly in order to integrate new technology and features as needed, conduct updates and maintain quality or it can quickly suffer from decay.

This group helps the researchers learn about the long-term objectives of the organization and what strategies are currently in place to help meet those objectives.

Not only will this stakeholder group uncover what is currently under way, but the interviews can also show the researchers where gaps between goals, strategies and measurement may lie by shining a light on how other groups are using (or not using) the system.

This in turn can help the business more clearly define – and align – their long-term goals.

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Taking the software developer’s perspective into account will also provide valuable insight.Because of this, we are able to ask the difficult questions and dig deeper than even they themselves can do.Here at Up Top, when we are developing and conducting the discovery phase, these are the potential groups we most often look to interview: Business leaders are the first, most obvious choice when thinking about stakeholder interviews.If your company is like many other small and mid-sized businesses, your employees represent both your organization’s biggest line item expense, and your most valuable asset.

This means your company’s productivity and ultimately, its profitability depend on making sure all of your workers perform to their full potential.Once they have a good understanding of the project goals, the general contractor would then look at the home’s existing structure and foundation, the city’s zoning rules and building codes, and perhaps consult with an electrician, plumber and/or mason to get a better idea of what is needed in order to make the addition a success.

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