Polyamory married and dating watch episode 1 been dating for 3 weeks

18-Jun-2018 05:12

Meanwhile in San Diego, Jesse's jealousy issues come to a head with Jen.

Kamala breaks one of Michael's rules in her new relationship with Jason.

Two bits: What were your motivations and goals for making the show?

I wanted to do something that was sex positive and empowered women sexually – it’s ok for women to be sexually active if they’re ethical about it.

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polyamory married and dating watch episode 1-1

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I wanted to make a show that addressed women’s freedom of choice in relationships and love styles.When Leigh Ann and Chris both fell in love with Megan, they suddenly found themselves in a polyamorous relationship.We also pick back up with our Season 1 San Diego family of Michael, Kamala, Jen and Tahl.Men tend to be the “studs” and women are viewed as whores if they sleep with multiple people.

Anyone who does any research or reading knows that women are more sexual than men and I wanted to turn the tables around and show the women as “studs.” Also, the catalyst for me wanting to make this show was when Prop 8 was upheld in California in 2009, it was and is very upsetting to me that the government thinks they can define what our family looks like and tell my gay brothers and sisters that it’s wrong for them to love each other....Michael asks Kamala and his new lover Rachel for a threesome.

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