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Yet, mainstream historical linguists are convinced by neither position.

It is true that Armenian shares some features with Phrygian, but it shares even more features with Greek and Indic.

In a forthcoming paper, I argue that the dialects of the ancient minor kingdoms of Tsopk and Lesser Armenia were the true Western dialects, while the kingdom of Greater Armenia consisted solely of Eastern dialects. My dissertation and publications in this area of research are concerned with Western Armenian verbal morphology (conjugations), that is, how to build a set of formal rules and constraints that generate the correct set of Western Armenian verbal forms from a minimal (or optimal) set of memorized lexical entries. What is the relationship between Armenian and Ethiopian? What is the relationship between Armenian and Basque? What is the relationship between Armenian and Sumerian? How do we know that Armenian is an Indo-European language?

During the Ottoman period, the Western dialects gained social importance, and started exerting an influence on adjacent dialects, which gradually shifted their appearence to resemble Western dialects more and more. The most difficult issues lie in how to split the task between morphology proper and phonology, especially when such things as syllable count is relevant. Any two randomly selected languages share similarities.

I only reference facts and hypotheses specific to Armenian that appear in few places. The two possibilities are that the languages were once in a situation of social contact (the reason why English borrowed Chinese words and vice versa) or that the two languages were once one and the same (for example, French, Italian and Spanish are all forms of Latin that evolved separately).

Of course, it's impossible to include every hypothesis that was ever proposed, but I tried to include as many credible alternatives as possible. How do we know that Armenian is an Indo-European language? It is usually not a problem to distinguish common words due to a contact situation from common words due to an inherited common stage.

First, I want to provide information on what Armenian linguistics is concerned with and how my research fits into the larger body of literature on the topic out there.Could Armenia be the location of the original Proto-Indo-European language (PIE)?