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Sarah said: "You find any couple that's been together for years and they never say 'it's because we've both got long toes'"It's a magic formula, people aren't compatible because they both like yellow socks and drink latte's instead of cappuccinos."I think the things that make us like each other aren't the things we have in common, it's the things we don't have in common." The presenter originally set up because she thought getting people's friends involved would make internet dating more accessible and fun.

"The best way of meeting people is through other people, but if you haven't met someone in real life you can meet someone through other people on a website," she said.

You’re saying something in a snapshot – ideally you smiling and having fun.

Avoid pictures that look as if they’ve been taken by a modelling agency or that don’t look like you You’ve got mail I would advise chatting a bit on email before jumping in and arranging a date. Obviously say what you do, but don’t give your surname or your home address or home phone number.

What's the first media you turn to in the mornings?

Sarah Beeny, 42, is married to artist and business partner Graham Swift and they have four sons, but the couple, who have been together for over 20 years, have never once muttered the words 'I love you' to each other."I've never told my husband I loved him because he'd just tease me and he said them to me either," says Sarah.

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I like to call them pre-dates Put it in the diary You need to be prepared to go on pre-dates with lots and lots of people, and I suggest you book in more than one at a time.

With its phenomenal success, the site changed the attitude to online dating in this country.

A whole new world Before the internet you had two options: you waited until a friend happened to introduce you to someone you happened to fancy, or you hung around in a bar hoping that someone walked in who happened to be single, who you happened to fancy and who happened to fancy you.

Sarah Beeny, 35, is the presenter of Channel 4's Property Ladder.

Now in its seventh series, the show was at the forefront of a new genre of property programmes when it launched and Beeny became a household name instructing first-time developers to keep colours neutral, know their market, and not to waste money on fixtures and fittings.She also runs a property development and investment company with her husband, Graham, and they live between south-west London and Yorkshire with their two sons.

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