Sex dating in north bend oregon

23-Jan-2018 21:44

Park in the gravel lot or right on the side of the highway, then follow the paths (and clear markings) to the paved service road which drops you off right on the Willamette and all the fun on sunny or even semi-sunny days.You do have to wade a narrow stretch of the river as the site is on an island. Stick to the dirt path to the left of the end of the parking lot. After checking out some hot pussy and cocks in the sun bathing area, I headed over to where the action is.From I-5 take the 30th Avenue exit (south of Eugene).

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This used to bew a great place, but there is still some action to be had. One little creep (graveyard shift) is especially loathsome.The thing that I like about my personality is that I am stubborn and willful.I do not give up my big goals in favor of small ones. I am interested in communicating with new people and seeing different places I have never been too.This is a mountain road so drive safely as there are lots of sharp turns.

Continue to mile marker 18, just past Howard Praire Lake.

There were many good-looking guys, younger and more mature. The water is clean on the river side and lots of sand when the river is low.