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no one Sidney Crosby got married in August to a mystery older British woman named Gabriela.

Sidney went through the process of converting to Judaism for the marriage.

Penguins reached to the finals in the following season and they won seven games and he became the youngest captain in the history of NHL who led his team to the winning of the Stanley Cup. According to the biography of Sidney Crosby, he had played international where he represented the country of Canada for the junior tournament and for men’s team.

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( I forget the name) You can find all about it here. no one Sidney Crosby got married in August to a mystery older British woman named Gabriela.

plagued by injuries and health problems, most notably his back and his battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma that knocked him out in the prime of his career, during a season in which he was on pace to threaten Gretzky's scoring record (Between the 2 of them, they own the top 10 spots for the points in a single season record.) Despite all this, he continued to win scoring titles by comfortable margins while only playing 75% of the games in any particular season, leading the Penguins to 2 Stanley cups, winning playoff MVP honors during both campaigns, and eventually saving the team from bankruptcy and relocation by becoming the league's first ever player/owner. Here are a few points illustrating why Lemieux was the best there ever was: 1.

During an 8-point game against New Jersey, he became the only player in history to score 5 goals, 1 in each of the 5 possible game situations (even strength, power play, short-handed, penalty shot, and empty net). Following his final dose of radiation treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma, he flew to Philadelphia to play for the Penguins that very night, scoring 1 goal and 1 assist and becoming the first visiting player that receive a standing ovation from Philadelphia Flyers fans (He would repeat this feat a few years later when his career ended with a playoff loss to Philly.) The Penguins went on to win 17 straight games after his return and Lemieux won the scoring title by a comfortable 12 point margin despite missing 2 months of the season for radiation therapy. Upon his first retirement, he was the only player in history to average more than 2 points per game.

( I forget the name) You can find all about it here. lso donates equipment (along with Rebok) in a special hockey program to allow at least 600 young children in the Pittsburgh area to play hockey without having to pay for expensive equipment.

Sidney, and the other members of the Pens organization also visit the patients in the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital several times a year.

The NHL stud probably has lots of ladies on his arm at any one given time, but he has yet to go public with any woman he calls his girlfriend.