Speed dating question cards

13-May-2018 08:00

So Girlfriend members meet in Connecting Circles in a neighborhood café with 2-5 other women and their time is structured around fun questions and equal sharing time so you can get a good sense of each other.Speed-friending, the way we do it, encompasses those values!The second thing to remember is that we don’t have to make perfect judgments.The joy of speed-friending, as opposed to speed-dating, is that you’re not there with the pressure to find that "perfect one." Many of us want several new friends and are happy to have them all bring something different into our lives.I’ve found, for instance, in Chamber of Commerce events, that when the networking is guided for each person to give their blurb (as opposed to me having to go around a room, shake hands and ask lots of questions to try to get the same 2 minutes of information) that it takes much less energy and allows me to identify who I most want to connect with in more ways.The truth is that we’re all drawn to some people more than others.

Looking for a great way to celebrate Women’s Friendship Month?And we then help make those matches if they are mutual. Most of us crave more meaningful girlfriends in our lives but don’t always know how to foster those friendships, or where to even meet other women who are also committed to expanding their circle of friends.