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02-Mar-2018 03:45

Tour costs are non-refundable 19 days or less from the start date of the tour.

Confirmation of acceptance of refund requests will be provided by email and refunds are mailed by check.

We do not provide air transportation because it adds little value to the goal of finding a spouse and can cause complications.

We understand that other organizations purchase these round trips tickets from JFK , but then you have to purchase travel to arrive and coordinate with that flight.

We provide round trip ground transportation from the airport to the hotel, the organized events, and back to the airport on the last day of the Quest Tour.

If you elect to stay longer then we will help arrange your extended stay at the hotel and taxi transportation, but those extra days and taxi rides are not included in the price for the tour.

That JFK thing is not money well spent if the goal is a life-partner. She is hired by Dream Connections to work with you from the Friday night dinner through your entire Quest Tour experience.

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However, you will see from the photos of our past Quest Tours that many of the ladies on the site do attend the events and clients do get to meet many of them.

Taxi services you may request during the week for your dates are readily available and cheap.