Value dating asp id

22-Oct-2018 13:36

If you do not explicitly assign an ID to a control when you add the control to a Web page, ASP. When a control is included inside a repeating control, such as the control, a single control defined in markup often creates multiple instances of the control in the rendered HTML. NET page framework provides a mechanism to make sure that each control in the rendered HTML for a page has a unique ID. This can make it difficult to reference the control in client script, because you typically cannot predict the values of the sequential numbers that are used.

The figure below illustrates the control hierarchy, showing the naming containers in peach.

A date is a non-spatial value that uses a combination of numbers, symbols, and strings (or names). NET Framework provide tremendous support for date and time values.

The Date Data Type To support dates and time values, the Visual Basic library includes a shared (or static) class named Date And Time.

Imagine what would happen if the Grid View and its rows were not a naming container - the four Label controls would end up having the same property, and is typically used when crafting Java Script that needs to reference a Web control.

The following Java Script snippet references a textbox HTML element and sets focus to the element.

The textbox in the web page was actually a Text Box Web control; to determine the client-side assigned to a single data field, but you can set this property to include multiple data fields - just separate each one with a comma.