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I don’t think I have ever had anyone in my life to talk to about stuff like this.” Rachel smiles, her eyes are starting to tear up. ” “So you are saying you are a panromantic heterosexual? The nights together kissing and cuddling, I enjoy that as much as you, and I’m not interested in stopping just because that’s as far as it will likely go.”Rachel couldn’t hold back the happy tears after hearing that, she cried with joy, causing Ariane to do the same.“Sleep over tonight? “Well, It was wonderful having you both here as guests tonight.“But what about my asexuality, I will never be able to be what you want me to be.” “Right back at you,” says Ariane, “If you want to play the label game, I’m pretty much a bi-curious heterosexual, so I’m not truly sexually attracted to you, either. ” asks Ariane.“Funny,” says Rachel, “I’m feeling the need for a mid morning nap.”Continued at Story at go down to the lobby, Tassiana is there. Before you leave let me check…” She goes to an antique roll top desk, on top is a wooden box with red envelopes, she sorts through and finds two.“Here you go, Happy Saturnalia.” she says handing an envelope to both Rachel and Ariane, but looking primarily at Rachel. “You know during lunch, everyone sits with their own group of friends, and there is a new kid who can’t find anyone to sit with?” “Considering that I know you didn’t really want me going with the Japanese guy, or to the orgy, you supported my decisions, even if they were in hindsight wrong ones.You were there to give me a non-judgmental ear when I was done. “If you must have a label, just call me a Rachel-romantic.Another part of her felt disgusted and just wanted to go to the bathroom and throw up.“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. Tassiana goes back to the antique desk, opens it up and grabs a pen from a box of pens. Hope that doesn’t offend you too much that I went to a courtesan.”“Well,” starts Rachel now feeling a little guilty.Go to New York,” says Ariane after she noticed Rachel had stopped talking and was waiting for an answer. She hands it to Rachel who uses it to mark the “Yes” box on the card. “It might have, if I didn’t also get with a courtesan.”“What?! seduced me.” “What did she do dress like Danerys from Game of Thrones? Hence the cowboy hat.”Ariane laughs.“Well, I’d love to hear the details,” says Ariane, “but I’m ready to leave. OK, poor choice of words.”Next: Red Envelopes Full Story: what are you going to do? “I’m still going to the orgy, I want to see what it is like,” says Ariane.“Truth is, it has always been awkward for me.” “That means that I am not really that much into sex, something I didn’t really notice until the bartender pointed it out, and you being someone that is very much into sex means we are not sexually compatible.This budding relationship we have can never go where you want it to go.” Ariane realized where this was headed. ” asks Rachel, “but I’m 'ace’ now.” “You were 'ace’ when we met, you have always been 'ace’, nothing has changed except the label." "But it has.

"Because until yesterday we were not honest with each other, now that we are honest, we are closer.Ariane turns her attention to the fake fire as she deals with her brush with prostitution.“Great, glad you understand,” says Rachel. “May not get another opportunity like this again.” “I think I’ll take the bartenders advice and skip,” says Rachel, “but if you feel the need to jump in the cold pool just for the experience, then by all means you should.” Ariane leaves for the orgy, leaving Rachel to her thoughts.Rachel is suddenly startled by seeing Tassiana the hostess she met earlier, standing where the bartender used to be, dressed in some old west steampunk costume.“I get the feeling something is wrong, and the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced there might be." "You are right, something is wrong,” says Ariane.

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“But not between us, I swear.” Ariane continues in detail.This has taken most of my attention the last week, especially since yesterday was Christmas, and I had to spend the day with her.