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Not surprising in the least, the multi-talented performer is genuine and charming, and speaks about her life and career with graciousness and ease.Melissa Parker ( edition I played a different role."She's a person, like me and like a lot of people who have gone to that school..can be perfectly happy sleeping in a wet sleeping bag on a stone floor, or staying in a fancy hotel," he said of his costar.PHOTOS: Celeb couples and how they met "She's not a whiner. I've gotten along with plenty of people, but the chemistry sucked.Tyne Daly " data-medium-file=" Daly Featured-117x175.jpg" data-large-file=" Daly Featured.jpg" /.Daly herself is probably best known for creating the character of Mary Beth Lacey, a smart compassionate woman enduring the stress of juggling a high-pressure job as a police officer with a family at home, and one half of CBS’s critically acclaimed (also starring Sharon Gless).She was playing a character that bore no relationship to Maxine Gray. Melissa Parker (): It must have been an interesting household (laughs).We also did a picture called ): Yes, delightful movie that also starred Neil Patrick Harris. Tyne Daly: Oh well, you know, parents and children don’t talk like that (laughs). If we were Japanese we’d hold it as a point of honor. I suppose it would be a dumb question to ask if your parents supported you in the acting profession.

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My mother used to call it, “Dim cap,” which stood for diminished capacity (laughs).They’re not quite readings but they’re not staged pieces either.Kathryne just had her baby, so it’s a very easy gig for a new mother because it doesn’t have to be staged or learned. That was really thrilling because it was not only playing with Kathryne, which is always fun, but going back to the big guys, the old guys, the classic guys. She was also on for a while but they didn’t want to put us together much because we look quite a bit alike when you see us side by side. Not all of my mother and father’s kids became actors but we were certainly influenced by what our dad and mother did and what they loved.Anyway, they’re doing it out here at the Geffen Theater in Los Angeles.

My daughter, Kathryne, and I are going to appear in it in July.So, I thought, “If it’s such a great thing to do, how come you don’t want me to do it? It’s supposedly an American novel none of us should have missed, about a large unwieldy family with a secret language and private jokes.