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23-Oct-2018 10:18

Solution: Have you updated your software to the latest Kit Kat version? Solution: This issue could be caused by the noise cancellation feature of your device.If so then you are not alone in experiencing this issue. Try to disable it from the sound settings and check if you can now be heard when making calls.The standard email app i use for my pop3 email has stopped working today, I just get the "could not open connection to server message" , ive tried to re-set up the mail address but its the same, my email works fine on pc, all other internet / apps on phone work fine.My Sony Xperia mobile phone has just had a system upgrade and now my BT emails are coming up corrupted on it. What you can do to resolve this issue is to perform a factory reset on your device first. Xperia Z1 Does Not Stop Playing Notification Sound Problem: I used my phone normally like anyone can used…. Engage with us Feel free to send us your questions, suggestions and problems you’ve encountered while using your Android phone at [email protected] make sure to back up your data before performing this procedure. but today I appear a problem, when someone send me a message or notification for something the phone doesn’t stop the notification music….. We support every Android device that is available in the market today.What we do ask though is that when you send an email try to be as detailed as possible so that we can make an accurate assessment of the issue and the correct solution can be given. Please connect your phone to computer and try again’. Solution: To resolve any problems related to the installation of new updates you will need the latest PC Companion tool of Sony installed in your PC.

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Even after doing all this my battery drains really fast, it’s down to 40% now with only about 5 hours of being removed from the charger! When I’m calling like the regular way, the other side can’t nearly hear something and sometimes they don’t hear anything on the other side.

Fyi I still have time I can go for a change and replacement of my phone because it is till 3 days old and Sony have some policy that a customer can replace the phone if any issue faced within 7 days of the buying the same. By getting a new unit you lessen the risk of this issue happening in the future when the grace period for replacement has already lapsed.